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Rebecca Mains

Hey there, I'm Rebecca, an Enrolled Agent and Certified Tax Coach with a personal touch. I'm passionate about helping individuals and businesses navigate taxes with ease. As an Enrolled Agent, I'm authorized to represent you before the IRS, and as a Certified Tax Coach, I focus on proactive strategies to save you money. With personalized advice and a friendly approach, I'll simplify the complex and make taxes a breeze. Let's unlock your financial potential together!

Victoria St. Mary

Victoria is a seasoned bookkeeper with over 7 years of experience. With expertise in maintaining accurate financial records and providing insightful analysis, she has become a trusted professional in the industry. Victoria's proficiency in accounting principles and bookkeeping software allows her to handle complex financial tasks effortlessly. Her commitment to client satisfaction and excellent communication skills ensure personalized and efficient service. Victoria's passion for continuous learning keeps her up-to-date with the latest industry trends, making her a valuable asset for businesses seeking reliable bookkeeping support.

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